Anytime Webinar By Grief Reiki® Academy

Beyond The Casserole
Cost: FREE   Length: 35 MINUTES

“Learn How To Help A Griever.”

Learn how to listen to a griever with your heart and not your head to move beyond the casserole. 
Discover the misinformation society has given us about grief including the Six Myths and so-called 5 Stages.
Better understand a griever and what they might be going through. 
Begin to understand loss from the griever’s point of view, and how you, as family, friend, coworker or concerned community member can help.
Learn practical tips for helping a griever, including what to say and what not to say.

Can You Make It?

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Two Free eBooks!

You will also receive two free eBooks including: 1) Helping Others Who Are Grieving and 2) The Grief Recovery Method Guide for Loss.