Anytime Webinar By Grief Reiki® Academy

Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds
Cost: FREE    Length: 50 MINUTES

“Learn to Move Beyond the Pain of Grief and Loss.”

Find out what you can do to release the emotional pain caused by the more than 40 different life experiences that can cause grief, including death, divorce, retirement and moving. 
Learn about the Six Myths that have been perpetuated for generations about grief.
Discover society's misinterpretation of the 5 Stages, developed by famed Swiss-American psychologist, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.
Explore what actions you can take to help you begin to let go of any pain associated with your grief. 
Better understand what is meant by grief recovery and the resources available to help. 

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Two Free eBooks!

You will also receive access to two free eBooks including: 1) The Major Myths About Grief and 2) Debunking the 5 Stages.